01 September 2011

Starting a blog

During the last two days, the College of Commissioners met for an intensive seminar to discuss the challenges ahead. It is no secret that the financial crisis is high on the agenda, but we have also discussed many other issues. One important topic during the seminar was the question how we as European Commission can better communicate with EU citizens in the future. We have gathered ideas for the second State of the European Union that I will give in autumn but we also want to intensify our involvement in social media. This blog is one of the innovations that I will use from now on to update you regularly on my actions and travels and also on the work of the European Commission. Other Commissioners, their spokespersons and services will also start using or intensify the use of these new tools such as the Commission blogs, Twitter and Facebook and we hope that this will help you to understand the important work we as the European Commission are doing in close cooperation with the other EU institutions, with the member states and with all citizens and stakeholders. I plan to write every blog post myself but I may use the advice of my cabinet to find good audiovisual material to illustrate some of them. My team will also moderate the comments (we will not allow any racist or heavily insulting language or other illegal content), but I will try to read each of your comments if my time allows and ask my team to forward your questions to the relevant units in the Commissions. Do not hesitate to be open and frank with me or the Commission as a whole, but remain respectful - and I hope this blog will be an interesting experience for you and for me!

José Manuel Durão Barroso

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