17 November 2011

In Strasbourg yet again facing Nigel Farage

I was in the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday to discuss the conclusions of the last European Council and the Annual Growth Survey with the parliamentarians (I thank the European Parliament for the photo). During the debate, Mr Farage, in his usual exaggerated and predictable way, attacked European Council President van Rompuy and me:

You can see on video that Commissioner Rehn and I manage to ignore Mr Farage as much as possible. I have to admit he is hard to ignore. Mr Farage has all the rights to voice his opposition and I respect all opions, but his speech showed that while the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Council, the member states and the Parliament is working hard to restore confidence and to support stability and growth, some in Europe still think we can solve our common problems without a common European approach. I am convinced we can show that our approach is the better and more successful one!

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