17 January 2012

Weekly meeting of the College - Hungary on the agenda

In about one hour it is time for the weekly meeting of the College of Commissioners. I expect that we will spend some time discussing the important and extremely politicised matter of Hungary. It is very important that we, the European Commission, handle this topic in a very objective way. The Commission performs a quasi-judicial role and different to the Parliament - where some forces already demand more severe steps - we are not a political body. We will start the infringement procedures in three cases and to show that this is an important topic I propose to lower the response deadline for the Hungarian government to one months. I am also very pleased that Prime Minister Orban has personally requested a meeting with me next week. This is a very good sign and I am convinced we can underline the importance of democratic procedures and the rule of law in all EU member states. I will publicly announce this meeting after weekly session of the college has ended - for those of you who follow my blog this is already exclusive.

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