04 March 2012

Social media and positive interaction

I do not have enough time and skills to use Twitter as much as I should, but this week I was glad to get the following reaction from Federiga Bindi after I reacted to a little sarcastic tweet that she wrote about my appraisal of European Council President van Rompuy's re-election:
"your immediate response actually shows at least responsiveness to citizens' comments! Chapeu e obrigada!"
This shows we can disagree, but it is important to search the direct interaction with the public to build trust and understanding of what we do and why we do the this. Tomorrow I will meet with the Austrian Chancellor Faymann and he too was once very critical about the European Union but now has understood how important it is to work together constructively in the spirit of a common Union. When we are able to translate this understanding to all our citizens, we can be very optimistic about the future.

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