09 March 2012

Wake up next door to Barroso

Many important issues are discussed in Brussels, and after several weeks on Twitter I feel that even in this very short message medium many people are involved in European topics, which I find very positive. But during the last days one topic concerning me is high on the agenda on Twitter it seems: A new hotel in Brussels advertises "Wake up next door to Barroso". The first one to mention it was Matina on Monday, but since then several people on Twitter have tweeted photos of the ad, for instance Vanessa on a bus, Bruselka spojka on a poster or in a magazine, Jaume in the metro, and Valentina in the metro, too. It is an interesting idea from the hotel, and I welcome creativity of our businesses, but I am surprised that this is such an interesting topic to discuss. Many find it absurd and many do not seem to be particularly interested in waking up next (door) to me – although I usually do not sleep in the Berlaymont building. One person even felt compelled to state as a reaction: "In 2005, I asked some BXL folk, who would u rather have dinner with...Tom Cruise or Barroso? Nearly everyone said Barroso..!" Very funny to read, I must admit, but difficult to understand for someone new to the world of Twitter.

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