16 March 2012

Why the Berlaymonster is wrong

My team has told me that the well-known Berlaymonster believes I should not be able to react to comparisons of the EU with the USSR because I was not elected. I should remind the Berlaymonster that I am elected by the European Parliament (Article 14 of the Treaty on European Union) on a proposal by the European Council, composed of democratically elected politicians,  taking into account the elections to the European Parliament (Article 17 TEU). I should also remind the Berlaymonster that the Prime Minister of Hungary is appointed (!) by the Hungarian President, taking into account which political party has a majority or which political party is the strongest force in the Hungarian Parliament. I was the candidate of the European Peoples Party in 2009 and the European Peoples Party became the strongest force in the European Parliament, so I am as much democratically elected as the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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