02 February 2012

1st European Competition Forum

There is nothing more refreshing than giving the keynote speech on vital topics for our continent. This morning, I will speak at the first European Competition Forum which shall provide an inspiring environment for debates around competition policies. I hope my speech will foster this inspirational atmosphere, and that this will be just the first in a series of of Competitiveness Fora in the years to come.

Reading the press this morning, everyone will notice that the Commission took an important decision regarding the merger of the Deutsche Börse and the New York Stock Exchange, and so it is almost fitting that I will speak at the Competitiveness Forum later today. This week, we have also seen the first European Council I have seen in years where the heads of state and government seriously focussed on competitiveness and employment, so the debates at the Forum come at the right time, providing input into the wider European discussions.

I have to leave now and I wish you all a pleasant day!

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