27 February 2012

Speech at the Lisbon Council and European semester debate

I gave a widely recognised speech at the Lisbon Council today, speaking about smart growth and the ways out of the crisis, many media reports followed, which I welcome very much. I will share a speech video with you as soon as I have time to add it. I also participated in an extremely interesting discussion with national deputies and members of the European Parliament on the European Semester (the strengthened coordination between Member States' budgetary and structural policies). This debate was a very good example of European democracy, crucial for the legitimacy of the work of the joint work of the European Union's institutions and the member states. I reiterated that fiscal discipline is not a goal in itself but that we need intelligent ways to make growth possible by stimulating confidence, private investment and consumption to get new jobs and growing economies.

 video added to the article on 29 February

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