26 February 2012

Question & answers in Hamburg on Europe's economy and democracy

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I was in Hamburg on Friday, visiting the future concert hall and speaking in the evening at the historic dinner, the Matthiae-Mahlzeit about "A stronger Europe in stormy times". During the day I was also discussing after a short introductory speech one hour with students and professors of the Bucerius Law School. My team told me that I was pretty convincing, more convincing than in most of my speeches (if you listen to me a lot you will notice that I prefer to speak openly and that am not the best speaker when I have to read my speeches), so here is the video from the event where I answer questions on European integration and economy, the European Public Sphere, democratic procedures in the EU and more:

Now the weekend is already over and the next week will again be a very stressful one. On Thursday and Friday there will be another European Council focused on the European economy, and as usual I will be very much involved in the debates. I hope I will find the time to blog during the week to keep you informed about what is going on in Brussels. Have a good week!

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